Training & Certification

Our Goal at Export Ready is to empower Oregon Businesses to reap the benefits of growing global markets. This training program and certification exam will help you obtain the foundational knowledge to grow your business through exporting.

Lesson 1.1: Why Export?

What portion of the market is outside the US? What are the reasons to start or grow your exports? Specialty crop food & beverage products from the Northwest have a huge competitive advantage in other countries because of our quality, safety and reputation..

Lesson 1.2: Getting Started

There are many ways to get started. We tell you about four that will inspire you to take a simple first step to get started. Exporting companies find other outcomes in addition to increased sales.

Finding the right market, the ones that Love your products is key. But where to start? This video will give you starting points on finding the right market. Don’t forget, there are resources who can outsource this work for you. They can help do your market research and create your own export plan.

Lesson 1.3: Find Markets That Love Your Products

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