Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.

The ODA’s Trade Development Managers offer you a wide variety of services. Since they all have expertise in international trade, these people help you find your best markets, create in-bound and out-bound trade missions at a great price, create buyer connections of all types. The ODA partners with the Foreign Agriculture Services. The FAS people living in almost all the countries around the world. The FAS is dedicated to helping you find, vet and guide buyer relations in those foreign countries and are a unique position to know what products and which buyers will be best for you! ODA

Western United States Agriculture Trade Association (WUSATA):.

WUSATA creates opportunities by helping food and agricultural companies gain new business overseas. Whether you are new to exporting or looking to expand to new markets, WUSATA’s development services increase your reach and revenue. One of their well known services is the financial match for branded products. This service can reimburse up to 50% of your approved marketing activity costs, including new labels, shipping samples, getting booth space, etc. They sponsor and provide space at many international trade shows, which would otherwise be too expensive for most companies. Get acquainted with them! WUSATA

Business Oregon.

Business Oregon include lots of resources to support you in exporting, including local trade shows, in-bound and out-bound trade missions, financial support and grants. The STEP grant, a Small Business Administration service, is administered by Business Oregon and offers financial support to grow your business through project financing. As an exporter, you may need new equipment or facilities upgrades, or new marketing activities, You will certainly want to inquire with your local Economic Development advisor or Business Oregon’s Alexa Byers to see if the STEP grant is for you! Business Oregon