Training Module 5

Congrats on completing modules one, two, three and four. Your in the home stretch! You should now have some knowledge about getting paid, contract terms and financing your growth. Be sure to pay attention to the video lessons to complete the exam after this lesson.

Set a goal for the percentage of total company revenue that will be from export. Set SMART goals. We find that setting this goal, even as a stretch goal, help incent the activities. Identify the markets you will target to begin with. Find people and resources who can help ascertain the reality in your goals.

Lesson 5.1: Marketing & Selling: Start, Learn, Adjust, Repeat.

Lesson 5.2: Marketing Through Shows, Missions and Networking

There are huge advantages to attending trade shows to meet foreign buyers. Take the opportunitites to get into the DoC networking. Find out what assistance is available to you to get funded for marketing activities. There will be reasons to go directly to the target market and see for yourself. Get into the listserv loops with ODA, USDA, Bus Oregon, the State, etc. to be “in the loop” when trade missions occur. Often, I find that trade missions fill up within a day, so be ready to sign up. Commit and go for it.

Keeping the sales growing. Its all about relationships. Similar to maintaining a collaborative domestic supply chain, maintaining the relationships are key to international business.

Lesson 5.3: Keeping It Growing

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