Training Module 4

Congrats on completing modules one, two and three. You should now have some knowledge about regulations, compliance, as well as the increasing demand for quality goods. Be sure to pay attention to the video lessons to complete the exam at the end.

What is different in terms of: currency, terms of payment, method of payment, insurance of payment. What are ways to get paid?

Lesson 4.1: Finances – Ways Of Getting Paid Safely.

Lesson 4.2: Logistics, Contracts and Terms

Learn how you can use a freight forwarder to help with logistics, rather than ship yourself. There are many options for getting your product to your customer in your international market.

As an exporter, you have an added opportunity to ensure that you get paid, that you can get loans guaranteed, get some reimbursements for marketing costs. Don’t leave that to someone else. We can help guide you to these resources.

Lesson 4.3: Financing – Funding Growth!

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