Training Module 3

Congrats on completing modules one and two. You should now have a grasp about finding markets for your products and finding buyers. Be sure to pay attention to the video lessons to complete the exam at the end.

Each market/country will have their own unique import regulations. Your buyer, whether a distibutor, broker or direct buyer will be able to identify the requirements to get your product safely and swiftly into their country. After all, they want your products so that they can sell them, so it is in their best interest to get your products across the border and into their hands.

Lesson 3.1: Regulations and Compliance

Lesson 3.2: Growing Demand for Quality and Safety

Emphasing the qualities of your product, including the health factors, the convenience, or the tastes and usages. Continue wth the common recognition that USA makes the safest food and Beverage products on the planet.

What might you have to do to get your product acceptably into another market/country? Customs will required certain certifications, expiration dates, ingredient annotations, USA made labels etc. Your buyer should be a great importer and you can lean on them to find out all the regulations. However, using FAS is another way to be clear about the changes you may have to make to be marketable in that country.

Lesson 3.3: Product Changes To Fit The Market

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