Training Module 2

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It might be easy but you will want to “know thyself” honestly. To sell into new (non US) markets, you may need to adjust some things, perhaps  adding text to your label or changing the package or your selling price point. What margins could you accept? What is your minimum quantity and minimum wholesale price?

Lesson 2.1: Know Thyself

Lesson 2.2: Getting Products To The Market

How would you actually get the product into the new market?  There are logistics to consider but there are lots of services who will provide you with knowledge before you even start.

How might you find a market that loves your products?  Finding a great new market is one thing and finding a solid relationship with new buyers is another. Here are some key questions to ask any interested foreign buyer or distributor at the start.

Lesson 2.3: Find and Vet Buyers

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