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Need ways to grow your business for the long term? Have a great product that people love? Are you willing and able to expand your markets? The world outside the USA is growing by leaps and bounds. And, as their incomes grow, they want to buy safe food and beverages from the USA, especially from Oregon. We are putting Oregon on the map as a great source of exciting healthy products, and consumers are willing to pay the price. How can you get sales in other countries, you ask? Let us help. We can help you with research, with identifying a market that fits your passion and product, and with creating a plan that fits your budget and schedule.

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Billion Value of Oregon’s 2016 Exports

Incomes that are OUTSIDE the USA

Average increase in wages of exporting firms.

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Understand the huge opportunity for Food & Beverage Companies. Learn ways you can get started. Tale a self assessment - "Are You Ready to Export?"

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It is a our objective to help Oregon companies increase exports, to grow your communities, the economy and provide stable well paid jobs in the population.

Business Spotlight.

Business Spotlight

Exporting Grows Revenue

One of our client companies said “Rosi encouraged us to attend a show for Canadian buyers, where we met a distributor and a grocery chain buyer. Having them both sample and love our products, they were willing to commit to doing a business deal on the spot.” Over the next 6-8 months, dozens of stores all across Canada are carrying this confectionary product from Oregon. Now that additional orders are coming in, the owner said “It was easier than I thought it would be. In fact, in some ways selling is easier in Canada than in the USA”.

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Learn To Export – It Can Be Easy.

Learn about the resources readily available to you to help you prepare to export. Training, Finance, Trade Shows, Marketing, etc. Video 1 in Certification Series.

The 10 Steps To Export.

Why not start now to find out if your company is ready, willing to export. Then, how to take action, reduce risks, and use the resources available to you.